Rules & Features
Soup3D is a game running on Binance Smart Chain that requires the use of SOUP tokens to participate.


  • Each round begins with a 1 hour countdown timer.
  • Tickets can be purchased during a round.
  • Each ticket bought extends the countdown timer by 10 seconds, or to a maximum countdown limit of 24 hours.
  • Ticket price increase slightly for each ticket bought.
  • Tickets can be bought with SOUP tokens, of which 95% of the token amount will be swapped to BNB to purchase tickets. When the pot has less than 500 BNB. When the pot has more 500 BNB, 97.5% of the amount will be swapped to BNB instead. The unswapped amount will remained locked (aka burnt) in the contract with no means of recovery.

Ticket Proceeds

  • 53% are shared among current ticket holders proportionally as rewards.
  • 42% are sent to the Pot.
  • 5% are sent to the burn fund.

Winning Condition

  • The user who bought the last ticket when the countdown timer expires wins 75% of the pot funds! Remaining Pot funds are sent to the next round.
  • Next round will commence automatically a hour after the previous round ends.

Burn Fund

Funds are held in BNB and can only be used to buyback and burn SOUP as defined in the smart contract.
Last modified 8mo ago