Stabilisation Mechanism
For the first 12 epochs (72 hours), SOUP supply will expand at a rate of 4.5% per epoch.
Thereafter, SOUP supply can only expand at a maximum rate of 3% when the Time Weight Average Price (TWAP) of the SOUP/BNB pool is above 1.
When Soup Protocol is determined to be in an inflationary phase and there are outstanding SOUPB available for redemption, Soup Protocol will maintain a minimum of 30% of the inflationary SOUP supply for SOUPS staked in the Boiler and the remaining will be sent to the Freezer for SOUPB holders to redeem.
Additional SOUP will be awarded when SOUPB redemptions are made when the TWAP of SOUP is more than 1 using a coefficient factor of 0.65.
SOUPB Redemption Example
SOUP TWAP = 1.15 Bonus SOUP = (1.15 - 1) * 0.65 = 0.0975 Therefore for every SOUPB redeemed when SOUP TWAP is at 1.15, 1.0975 SOUP will be awarded which values SOUPB at 1.262125.
Soup Bonds can only be redeemed when SOUP TWAP is above 1.01.
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