Boiler Room

The Boiler Room is the place where SOUPS tokens can be locked up in the Boiler to earn SOUP rewards during epoch expansion periods.
Epoch duration = 6 hours
Each deposit or withdrawal of SOUPS to and from the Boiler will reset the locked duration for 6 epochs.
Claiming of SOUP rewards will also result in resetting the locked duration for 6 epochs and the next claim can only be performed 3 epochs later.

Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is the place to receive free handouts.
By committing LP tokens or tokens such as BIFI or BDO, users can receive SOUP tokens (15 days) and SOUPS tokens (1 year).

Freezer (Bonds)

Freezer is the place where users can buy and redeem SOUPB tokens for SOUP.
Do note that buying SOUPB during epoch expansion (when TWAP > 1) or selling BSOUP during the contractionary phase (when TWAP < 1) will probably result in a loss.
Last modified 9mo ago