SOUP distribution

To ensure a fair distribution of the initial supply of 1,100 SOUP, distribution will take place for a period of 15 days unlike recent seigniorage projects where distribution happens for a blink of an eye to squeeze yield. This model ensures a better distribution as it rewards early participants while ensuring later participants their chance to enjoy their serving of SOUP.
Day 1 to 5 - 500 SOUP
Day 6 to 10 - 350 SOUP
Day 11 to 15 - 250 SOUP
After the initial 15 days of distribution of SOUP tokens, users who stake SOUPS in the Boiler will receive inflationary SOUP tokens when TWAP of SOUP is above 1.


---- Genesis Pools [ETA: 15 FEB 04:00 AM UTC] ---
  • BIFI: 6x
  • BUNNY: 2x
  • ETH: 2x
  • BUSD: 1x
--- After the first 24 hours ---
  • SOUP/BNB LP (Pancake): 156x

SOUPS distribution

SOUPS has a maximum total supply of 50,000 tokens.
3,750 SOUPS (7.5%) are allocated to the team and are vested linearly over 12 months.
3,750 SOUPS (7.5%) are allocated to the Protection fund which will used to maintain SOUP's price peg and are vested linearly over 12 months.
42,500 SOUPS (85%) are allocated for incentivising liquidity providers over a period of 12 months.
SOUPS will be available for farming for a year. Rewards allocation as follows:
  • SOUP-BNB Pancake LP: 76x
  • SOUPS-BNB Pancake LP: 24x
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