What is soups.finance?

Soups.finance is the place where you can brew some soup from soups.
  • SOUP: A token pegged to BNB. It's a tasty but inflationary token used to play soup3D.
  • SOUPS: Soup-shares are the bread and butter (and soup) of this platform. SOUPS can be staked in the boiler to earn SOUP.
  • SOUPB: Soup-bonds are tokens which are used to stabilise SOUP to BNB. When the value of SOUP is below 1, BNB bonds can be bought which then can we sold at a premium when SOUP reaches the price of 1 BNB.

Where do I buy SOUP, SOUPS or SOUPB?

How were soup and soups initially distributed?

  • 3750 (7.5%) SOUPS are allocated to the team for development and collaborations. These will be released linearly over 1 year.
  • 3750 (7.5%) SOUPS are allocated for a soup-peg protection fund, to help stabilise the SOUP-BNB peg. These will be released linearly over 1 year.
    42,500 (85%) SOUPS are available as liquidity provision incentives. There are no presale or premine.

How is SOUP pegged to BNB?

It's a well known mechanism in DeFi. When the value of 1 SOUP is above 1 BNB the boiler boils up some some and inflates SOUP with a maximum of 3% (Except the first 12 epochs). This newly boiled SOUP will be divided under all SOUPS that are staked in the boiler.

What makes SOUP unique?

It's the first stable token pegged to BNB. Besides that, the Soup3D game is powered by SOUP!

Is it safe to stake/farm SOUP and is SOUP audited?

Yes it is safe to stake in SOUP. The contracts have been heavily examined for flaws and bugs and have been stress tested. We are a very young project and we want to get an audit in the near future.

Is there a roadmap?

  • At the 2nd or march 2021 the first full version of will be live.
  • We have plans to grow our community. We have plans to audit SOUP.
  • We have plans to add more games.



How do I play?
Buy tickets with SOUP, the one who bought the last ticket will win the pot! It really that easy. Every ticket bought extends the clock 10 another seconds. The maximum duration of a round is 24 hours.

Whats the reward?

The winner takes 80% of the current pot. 20% gets dropped in the next pot. Payout is in BNB!
The tickets proceeds are allocated as such:
  • 42% goes to the current pot.
  • 53% is distributed as rewards among all tickets holders.
  • 5% is burned.


  • Farm SOUP and SOUPS at Bearn.fi.
  • TBA very very soon!

The Team


Head chef and head developer: John Cho (Meet him in the telegram or discord).

Community managers

  • Julien Great Priest of the Holy PEG (Meet him in the telegram or discord).
  • deBatsnikov: Lover of a good Broth (Meet him in the telegram or discord).
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